Saturday, 20 June 2009

Teaching Vocabulary: a seemingly never-ending task.

How many times have you wondered about the best ways of teaching vocabulary?

"I have to introduce these new words before dealing with this reading activity! How shall I do it?"

Well, in a desperate way of looking for some answers, or at least, for a sort of guide to resort to, we have collaboratively worked on a chart providing some procedures to teach, present and introduce new vocabulary in our lessons.

Please feel free to take a look at our work and leave any suggestions and comments you may think relevant to share with us (since it is a Wiki page and commenting is restricted to its users, you are invited to leave your comments on this blog entry).

I really hope you find it as useful as we meant it to be.

Different Techniques and Ideas to Teach Vocabulary

This project was adapted by Gladys Baya from a task originally taken from "Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom," Tricia Hedge, Chapter IV, OXFORD, 2000.


  1. Great contributions!!!

    I totally admire your creativity for new activities... U have a GIFT!!!!

    A pleasure sharing it with U.

  2. Hahaha! Do I have a gift?
    Well, I definitely enjoy creating activities, which does not mean that they are good or "methodologically" acceptable hahaha!
    Thank you a lot for your encouragement! It is really rewarding ;)

  3. Just being piki... Have you thougth of some other ways of organizing irregular verbs for "Not auditory" students???
    This reminds me of your blog's name... being you an auditory teacher... hehe