Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Are you interested in TBL (Task Based Learning)?

Do you want to know more about this excellent approach? Have you read Jane Willis's book and thought of asking her questions? Well, this is the website you have been looking for! I was browsing the Internet the other day looking for information and guidelines to support my writing of a TBL lesson plan and I came across this useful site. It is really interesting and helpful because of many reasons. Not only can you get free access to different types of TBL activities and lesson plans but you can also find posts and discussions led by Jane Willis herself as regards many different aspects of the TBL approach. In these thought-provoking posts you can find, for instance, surveys carried out among Language Teachers, information about the advantages and disadvantages of using TBL in large classes and a very interesting interview with Jane Willis carried out by Martin Peacock from the British Council.
The bad news is that it is not an interactive blog anymore because, for some reason, it has been closed. Therefore, we are no longer allowed to leave comments and ask questions. All the same, I decided to let you know about it because I believe that, even though we cannot get in touch with her anymore, what was written and discussed is still useful and worth reading.

I really hope you find it as interesting as I did and please let me know what you think about it!

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