Thursday, 5 November 2009

What is the role of questions in the EFL classroom?

Here I am introducing you once again to one of my classroom observation reports. I have to say that this must be one of the most interesting topics I wrote a report on! In this case, I focused on questions. As teachers, we know that we are most of the time asking questions but are we aware of what we are asking? What I did was to analyse not only the types of questions we may ask our students but also their implications. What are the different types of questions we ask? What do our learners get from them? What is it that we are asking from our students when we ask them a certain type of question? What is the connection between a certain question and the cognitive challenge (or the lack of it) that they present our students with? I invite you to take a look at this report to see how much we can learn from analysing the language of questions! Enjoy it!

7th Report / Alejandra de Antoni / Classroom Observation / Methods 2 2009

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